Transat Holidays have been helping couples achieve their dream destinations weddings for more than 25 years. Say “I do” surrounded by the people that matter the most to you – your family and friends. We offer a range of selected resorts that could turn your dream wedding into a week-long celebration!


Enjoy our Group Price Promise!

Should your Transat Holidays group package become available at a lower price than the one paid, we’ll honour the new lower price.

No deposit weddings

We’ll book and hold space for the wedding and 30 passengers or less for up to 90 days without a deposit.

Wedding couple future travel voucher

For the bride and groom to celebrate their first anniversary in the same style they got married, they will receive a $500 voucher to be used towards future travel.

Cloud Nine

Airline Wedding Advantages

  • Priority check-in at the airport and priority luggage tags
  • Complimentary advanced seat assignment
  • An extra 10 kg baggage allowance per couple free of charge
  • Two 200 ml bottles of sparkling wine on the departure flight
  • A reserved overhead compartment for your wedding gown†
  • On-board announcement, if desired

Wedding at home vs Wedding away

Average cost:
Average cost:
less than $5,000
Seasonal to capture
the best weather
Any time: tropical
weather is always on the menu
Ceremony, photos and celebration at different locations, indoors arrow
Everything takes place at one location, outdoor & exotic
One-day celebration arrow
Week-long celebration
Guest List
High number of guests, including acquaintances
and distant relatives
Small group of guests:
close friends and family
Very stressful and time-consuming arrow
Resort wedding coordinators manage all the details
Additional planning and savings required arrow
Begins upon your arrival

Contact your travel agent for more information or request a group quote online.

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