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The history, charm and excitement of a trip to Europe

Travelling to Europe is everyone’s dream. There are so many things to do and see in the Old Country, that properly planning your trip is the way to go! Build your own travel guide with your spouse, friends or family. Transat Holidays offers more than 29 not to be missed European destinations!

A moonlit walk along the Seine in Paris is hard to beat, if you’re looking for romance. France is the number one choice for lovers, but it’s certainly not the only option. Prague is an equally perfect destination for couples: carve your names in the tower on top of the Charles Bridge and legend has it you’ll be together forever.

London is ideal for moms, dads and kids. With gorgeous parks, world-class museums, great theatre and double-decker bus trips, it’s a city full of memories waiting to be made. A little further south, big appetites will fall for the gastronomic richness of Florence. In terms of partying, Dublin’s music and bar scene is hard to top, as the city has one of the most youthful atmospheres in Europe.

Discover all the fascinating things Europe has to offer!