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Tourism in Turkey: the stuff of fables in a modern context

Straddling two continents, Turkey is a country of paradoxes: it’s both Eastern and Western, modern and ancient, familiar and foreign. With more than 8000 km of spectacular coastline to travel and a cultural richness that reflects its fascinating history, it’s a bona fide trove of tourism treasures.

Family vacation

If travelling through all of Turkey is too much for your clan, Miniatürk is a fun alternative. The world’s largest miniature park features 105 of the country’s most famous Istanbulian, Ottoman and Anatolian monuments from castles to fairy chimneys at a scale of 1:25.

The Istanbul Toy Museum houses over 4000 toys from all over the world, some dating back 200 years. Each one tells a story about the historical period from which it comes. Particularly haunting are partially melted toy fragments from a Japanese school hit by the atom bomb.


Traffic on Heybeliada, the second largest of the Princes’ Islands, is limited to service vehicles, making exploring the area’s pine forests, beaches, markets and villages together extra romantic. Your only options are by bicycle, horse and buggy or strolling hand in hand.

Keep your eyes peeled for dolphins following your boat as your cruise along the Bosphorus, the river that divides Europe and Asia. Sit on the left side of the boat for the best view of Occidental Istanbul, and the Eastern side of the city on the way back.

Travelling with friends

One of the most renowned Turkish baths in the country, Safranbolu’s Cinci Hamam is the ultimate in indulgent pampering. Opened in 1645, its saunas and massages are sure to revitalize each member of your group.

Munch on Turkish delight and baklava as you make your way around Istanbul’s incredible Grand Bazaar. Keep an eye out for memorable souvenirs like buttery-soft silk leather and evil eye glass charms.

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Trips to Turkey: Good To Know

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The unit of currency in Turkey is the Türk Lirasi or Turkish Lira (TRY). In 2003 the Turkish government passed a law allowing for the removal of six zeroes from the lira. Tourists should not accept any notes that have lots of zeroes on them, as this old currency is no longer valid.

Official language

The official language of Turkey is Turkish.

Passports and visas

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